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Coriander Seed

Peanut Kernels – Bold:
40/50, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80
Peanut Kernels- Java:
50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90
7% Max
Oil Content:
44 to 46%
25 Kg Vacuum Bags, 25 Kg PP Bags, 50 Kg PP Bags,
12.5 + 12.5 KG Vacuum Bags + Corrugated Box
or as per customer requirement.

Our focus remains on

Also we are working in trade with multi origin Peanut, Sesame, Rice and etc…

Further we have an experienced team of people who know the production process and quality of the goods and have over 15 years of experience in the agricultural commodities factories. So we will check quality and supervise the production process in any factory that we choose to buy for you, and provide you actual quality report & pre-shipment photographs of goods for customer satisfactions.

Assured quality

Timely execution of deal

Wonderful service for enhancing customer experience

Providing exact market situation guidance to the buyer